Risk disclosure

  1. Income presently made by Manager of PAMM account is not a guarantee of income in the future.
  2. Scale of PAMM account profitability in the most cases is in direct ratio to risk level: the higher the profit, the higher the risk.
  3. BetPamm is not a bookmaker or betting exchange. BetPamm is not involved to calculation of gains/losses according to the results of sport events.
  4. Each client's manual or automatic order, such as bet placement, cancelling of placed bets, etc., immediately sends to exchange, receives by exchange and executes by the exchange.
  5. Exchange does monitoring and registration of the sports events results, calculates gains/losses for each bet automatically. Later, that information BetPamm retrives from the exchange.
  6. By providing trust management PAMM platform for clients (Managers and Investors) BetPamm is neither of any side of trust management.
  7. BetPamm does not provide trust management service to clients itself.
  8. BetPamm does not bear responsibility for unconscious mistakes of Managers, loss of profits or losses connected with exchange unavailability between BetPamm and exchange.